Sep 23, 2012

Italian Meatball Day!

Recently I start being obsess about cooking, Italian cuisine specifically. Nowadays, it's really easy to get information you want, as the same for cooking information. Recipes, TV cooking shows, cooking videos... Thanks for Jamie Oliver, Cake Boss Buddy and other TV chefs, I really learn a lot. It's really wonderful experience of learning a nation's culture by their foods and cooking ways.

Last weekend, I made meatballs with Pounds together. I definitely had a lot of fun. Yes, it's very very important who you cook for or cook with, and who you have meal with. Luckily, I did all of these with the right person which made the experience perfect.

This meatball actually was part of my first Sunday Gravy. Since it's the first time, I consider it a trial. Meatball was the most important part, and Pounds helped and we made it together. The meatball recipe was mixed Jamie Oliver, Buddy and my own preferred flavors. They were turn out very good, at least for amateur to make it for the first time. Actually I do think I get talent for cooking, lol!

Now, pictures are coming, which demonstrate, not everything, but a lot!

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