Mar 17, 2013

La Scarola - Great Italian Restaurant in Chicago!

Finally, after a whole week meetings and those working meals, got a chance to have a real dinner. My lovely US colleague knew I'm a super fan of Italian cuisine, he took me to La Scarola, a famous Italian restaurant in Chicago. It's so nice to have a relaxing dinner after a long day.
I know the dish size in US usually big, so skipped appetizer, I ordered vegetable soup and a main course - Chicken Angelo.
Chicken Angelo was really good. The chicken breast was very tender and juicy, covered by bread crumble. Unlike Japanese style bread crumble, this coating was much fine and full of flavor of herbs and garlic. And it didn't taste greasy. Which most satisfied me was the fresh mozzarella, really fresh and creamy. The eggplant was very soft and sucked Marsala sauce, which was really nice. And of course, fresh and sweet tomato sauce was a must ingredient for most Italian dishes.

The vegetable soup was good as well, rich and creamy, especially the cannellini beans.
BTW, this restaurant was a little bit crowded, but for HK eaters. That should not be a problem, haha!
If you're looking for a restaurant in Chicago, if you love Italian cuisine, La Scarola's a good choice for sure. Enjoy!

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