Mar 17, 2013

Chan Luk Kee - One of the Best Roasted Pork in HK

Hong Kong BBQ is one of the tyical HK foods and most common food for ordinary families. BBQ tea restaurants are almost in every street corner. Although some high end Cantonese cuisine restaurants try to make HK BBQ food a higher level with better raw material, better looking presentation and better dining environment and service, I still consider the small but tranditional BBQ tea resturant the best place to teste real HK.

Chan Luk Kee locates in Sheung Shui, north HK, far away from downtown, but its name is known for all over HK I believe. A lot of eaters travels about an hour to have meals there, most for their most famous dish - roasted pork. Last weekend, I went to Sheung Shui to visit a friend. Of course stopped by Chan Luk Kee to have their roasted pork.

HK Style roasted pork choose pork belly, Chan Luk Kee's roasted pork are famous for its five layers: skin, fat, tender meat, cartilage and lean meat. From the pictures I took, the five layers were mixed and not in order. But it doesn't matter, the taste was really good. The skin was crisp. The fat layer was not very greasy. Most of the fat was already gone during rasting. But for girls, might be still fatty. But the fat is an indispensable part, adding much flavor to the whole dish. The meat was really tender and full of flavor.

Morevoer, the most impressive part was its smoky flavor. As what I heard bfore, they use woods to smoke and roast. I did taste the smoky, nutty flavor, which is not common in HK. I have no idea what kind of woods they used, it's similar to or had the same effect of Texas BBQ I ever had before.

If Bnthony Bourdain gonna film another eposide of Layover HK, I will recommend Chan Luk Kee. Really good food! Really local HK!

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