Feb 25, 2012

Enjoy Life in Food!

Until four months earlier, I didn't pay attention to daily foods expect on trips.
Until seven hours earlier today, I didn't know I would open a blog about food.

But they just happened.

It's a little bit ridiculous that I started enjoying and caring about daily foods because I wanted to lose weight. Four months ago, I was on diet seriously which was the first time in my life. During the tough times, I carved for foods so much sometimes, but there was little quota to eat. From that moment, I've paid a lot of attention to what to eat, how to eat, even when to eat.

In a little while, I realized not only how delicious the food could be, but also how enjoyable it could be in my life.

That's an amazing discovery. It might be quite late, compared with other people. However, I'm still grateful for this understanding and I determine to enjoy life in food in whole rest of my life. I also hope to let my family, friends or anyone else to know, the food is truly more wonderful than their expectations.

Enjoy Life in Food!  You won't be disappointed.

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