Apr 14, 2012

Travelling...for food!

Taking a long trip in Australia ( Sydney and Melbourne only) now. Certainly should take advantage of here to enjoy western style food. . No Chinese cuisine, no Asian food, no junk food of course. Those are my rules, hehe!

I was surprised the consumer price in Australia is really high. Dining outside is really expensive, even more expensive than that in New York City. But only one thing is cheap - coffee. I think it's reasonable and will explain this a little bit later.

Given the circumstances, I basically have coffee everyday, visited some famous local cafes and had great experience there. Without expectations, I cook by myself to reduce cost. And I do enjoy shopping at local market, such as Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. Sourdough, muesli, yogurt, egg, coffee, cheese, grapes...these are what I have now everyday. Yeah, it's kind of all day breakfast. I really love western style breakfast.

Will try to post some cafe/bakery/restaurants I visited as soon as possible. Some of them are really nice. Will get back HK soon and it's nice to have meals in HK tea restaurant again!

See you soon!

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